Tribute to Bobby Townsend

For over 37 years Bobby Townsend looked after the Waleska Water System-building the lines, making repairs and maintaining them. Bobby was known by everyone in the Waleska community-he was known as the fellow that looked after the water needs of everyone! Many have said that when the residents of Waleska were sleeping, Bobby and his crew might be out fixing a water main break, making sure the chicken house owners or the schools were made a priority. Bobby loved pipeline work and loved serving his community-filled with neighbors, friends, relatives and a college campus. Our true desire is that the work that Bobby Townsend did for Waleska Water System will never be forgotten. Those of you, who are on our water system, remember when you take a drink out of your faucet, most likely it is a result of some type of work Bobby and his crew contributed to Waleska.

In Loving Memory

March 10, 1935-April 16, 2008