Developer's Fees

The City of Waleska Water System has adopted the following procedures and requirements to be completed as outlined below:

  1. The City must verify adequate water supply (from either City of Canton or Cherokee County Water & Sewerage Authority) is available to the City.
  2. The developer must provide preliminary site plan and location map, and provide description of development and maximum and average daily water demands (if known).
  3. The developer must provide a pressure test at the nearest location for connection to the City’s water system. This test must be coordinated with the City and the City Engineer.
  4. Developer must request the City conduct hydraulic analysis of the distribution system to determine if the system is adequate for increased demand or if additional system improvements are required.
  5. A $100 per meter fee will be charged for purchases of two or more meters by the Developer.
  6. The Developer is required to pay for the Engineer’s cost for the study for the development of any new subdivision and must be remitted before building begins.

The City of Waleska has adopted the Cherokee County Development Standards, and all development must be consistent with the Standards.