Water Line Extension Policy

Steps for Consideration of Water Line Extension For Lines Longer than 1,000 Feet:

Whenever a property owner wishes to have the City extend a water line, which will be more than 1,000 feet in length, the following steps should be taken:

  1. The property owner should obtain an estimate of the cost of extending the water line from a licensed, qualified contractor. The estimates should include the costs of installing a 2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch line.
  2. The property owner should talk with neighboring property owners, if appropriate, to determine whether anyone else wants to share in the cost of the line.
  3. The property owner or owners shall estimate how many potential customers there may be for the extended line in the near future.
  4. The property owner or owners shall have the City’s water line consultant (presently Stanley Townsend) determine the water pressure in the line.
  5. The property owner or owners shall provide to the City in writing the number of current customers and estimated number of future customers on the line, as well as the current water pressure on the line, with a request that the City consider allowing the extension of the line at the expense of the property owner(s).
  6. If the City wishes to consider extending the line, the City shall have the City Engineer assess the request pursuant to Paragraph 3 of the City’s “Minimum Water Main Size” provisions and submit a written report with a recommendation regarding the extension, including the present and future effect an extension would have on the water pressure in the area of the line and on the City’s water system in general.
  7. The City shall then consider the request in view of the foregoing information and the Engineer’s report.  Should the Engineer recommend that a certain minimum size line would serve the potential new customers but that a larger line should be considered as a benefit or future benefit for the City’s system, the City may elect to pay the difference between the two.
  8. In no event shall the City approve a water line extension that would not be financially feasible for the City or that could result in unacceptable water pressure for any customers of the City’s water system.
  9. Should the City elect to proceed with the line as requested, the work to be completed by a contractor approved by the City, the property owner or owner(s) shall submit payment to the City for the installation of the line in one lump sum prior to initiation of the work.  After the work is completed and inspected to the satisfaction of the City, the water line shall become the property of the City. (2009)